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EP Corundum Ceramics Jaw-type

EP Corundum Ceramics Jaw-type

EP Corundum Ceramics Jaw-type
Product Name:EP Corundum Ceramics Jaw-type
Category:EP Corundum Ceramics Jaw-type
Update:2013/12/20 9:45:49


Working Principle and Feature:
  This machine is designed and optimized according to high-purity,  pollution  resistant  and  stringent requirements of the industry of fine chemicals. The movable jaw, fixed jaw and both 
  sides of crushing cavity are lined with corundum ceramic liners, and the body and parts are all made of SUS304 stainless  steel. All of these have improved the equipment's abrasion resistance and have absolutely zero pollution to material being crushed.  The  entire machine is of good appearance, and can be used as a coarse crusher before a jet pulverizer. 
  When the crusher is working, the movement loci of all points on its movable jaw form a closed curve, thus the material added to the jaw cavity (a space formed by a fixed jaw, a 
  movable jaw  and  left and  right  board) is squeezed, split and bended to break. And the crushed material is discharged  from  the  material outlet at the moment when the lower part of the movable jaw moves away from the fixed jaw. 
  This machine features of simple structure, convenient  maintenance, safe and reliable work performance, and wide application scope.
Specifications and parmeters
Item Parameters and Specifications  EP - 300
Dimensions of Material Inlet (mm)  300X150
Adjustment Scope of Material Outlet (mm)  0.5 - 30
Rotation Speed of Eccentric Shaft (r/min)   300
Max. Granularity of Incoming Material (mm)  ≤30
Production Volume (kg/hr)  30-250
Model No. and Power of Electrical Motor  Y100L-6   3Kw
Machine Weight (kg)  200
External Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)  1000 x 600 x 1185

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